patient group

We believe passionately about receiving and acting on constructive feedback from patients. As a result, we have a PPG (Patient Participation Group) and a VPPG (Virtual Patient Participation Group), both of which enable you to have a voice in the way we run the practice.

Virtual Patient Participation Group (VPPG)
All contact is by email. This has been set up to enable you to give us feedback on the range and quality of our services, and to highlight any areas you feel we could improve upon. We will email a link to a survey two or three times a year. You will be asked a series of simple questions about how we are doing. We will then publish the results, anonimously of course, along with any comments and proposals to improve in the areas you have highlighted. You will have the chance to let us know if you agree with the plans, and at the end of the year we will publish the results of our achievements.

Our aim is to reach out to a wide range of patients from across our population.

Patient Participation Group (PPG)
Currently, this is a group of 12 patients helping us create a connection between the practice and the patients. It allows open, constructive discussion and analysis of service provision, and offers an alternative perspective of many of the topics relevant to general practice.

As a member of our PPG, you could influence the decisions taken within the practice about the services we offer. We hold quartely face-to-face meetings to discuss government agendas and their impact on our services, as well as the current priorities for Forest End Surgery. You will have an opportunity to ask non-personal questions and provide a voice from the patient perspective.

How To Get Involved
To become involved in the PPG or the VPPG, simply fill in your name and email address in the appropriate section on our website, or contact the practice manager, Julie Perryer.