patientaccessAt Vine Medical Group we utilise the online services provided by our clinical system supplier, EMIS Health, called Patient Access.

Patient Access allows you to log in securely and book appointments, subject to availability. You are also able to cancel your appointments if needed, allowing your appointment slot to become available to another patient if required.

Patient Access also allows you to make repeat prescription requests, meaning that at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year, you can log in and make your requests without the need to telephone the surgery.

You are also able to view aspects of your medical record, including allergies and medications. Online services are becoming used more within the NHS, and over the coming months and years you will be able to access more and more of your own personal medical records using these online systems. Patient Access is at the forefront of this technology and as soon as the ability is available we will be looking to implement it, giving you more access to be able to monitor and manage your own medical details.

How to Register

In order to use the Patient Access system, you are required to ask at reception for a registration form. The receptionist will issue you with a personalised registration form, which you are required to take home and complete on your home computer or laptop. Full instructions are included in the form issued to you, however, if you have any difficulties we have a dedicated IT team at Vine Medical Group who are able to assist if required.

Please note, you may be required to show ID when requesting the Patient Access registration document.

If you are already signed up to Patient Access, you can access it here, or by clicking the button below:

Access Patient Access