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Joint Pain, Back Pain and
Musculoskeletal Injuries

Getting the right help help for your joint, back or other musculoskeletal injury depends on the timescales and nature of the injury:

Within 2 weeks:

If you have experienced an accident / trauma in the last two weeks and you feel you might need an X-ray or other urgent assessment, you should attend a local Minor Injuries Unit (MIU). Your GP is unfortunately not permitted to request x-rays for injuries within 2 weeks of an accident. Your closest MIUs are at Petersfield Community Hospital and St Mary’s Treatment Centre in Portsmouth.

Please note Minor Injuries are no longer assessed at QA Hospital A+E and you will be turned away to go to a Minor Injuries Unit.

If you feel you do not need an X-ray /urgent assessment at MIU:

  • Most musculoskeletal injuries will self resolve with some basic interventions and do so within a 2 week period
  • Basic, gentle exercises and keeping mobile will help muscles heal and recover from an injury. Please see the links to the excellent information pages below.
  • If you need painkillers to help you keep mobile, anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen can help recovery and is available over the counter at the pharmacy. Please check with the pharmacist if you think you may have a problem taking these medications.
  • Paracetamol and Codeine can be used as additional pain medication and are also available over the counter at the pharmacy.


If you are experiencing back pain and have difficulty passing urine, lose control of your bowel motions or have abnormal sensation passing urine or around your back passage, this could be an EMERGENCY and should seek an immediate medical review either through the GP surgery if open, Out of Hours GP service on 111 or A+E. Please do not wait until the next morning to be assessed.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Exercises and Advice

You can begin the physiotherapy and rehabilitation process immediately by doing the exercises on the following links. These web pages also have advice about a range of musculoskeletal problems, aches and pains:


If you have consulted the advice above without success then we are here to help with your problem and, if necessary, can refer to the specialist physiotherapy team for additional support. Please note it is likely we will follow the treatment plans outlined above for the first 2 weeks and physiotherapy referrals typically occur after a period of 6 weeks if initial treatments have not been successful.

Please click here to request an appointment with our medical team to discuss your musculoskeletal problem.

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