eConsult is a new service that allows Vine Medical Group patients aged 18 and over to contact our doctors for advice regarding your problem, from the convenience of your computer. With hundreds of self-help guides and videos, and fully CQC registered, eConsult collects your history and presents it to your GP in a way that allows them to process it quickly and safely. This means faster, convenient, efficient healthcare for both patient and GP.

eConsult is a set of online tools for you to check which service is right for your symptoms, get immediate self-help advice, find out what other services can help you or send us an online consultation. It may help manage certain conditions, without the need to attend the surgery in person.

What is an online consultation?

This is when you send us a completed web form about a condition from the website. We then contact you by the end of the next working day to offer you advice, tell you whether you need an appointment or offer you a prescription.

Please note, if you have a medically urgent problem we recommend you contact the surgery straight away, ring NHS 111, or dial 999 in the case of an extreme emergency. Also note that eConsult is for patients aged 18 and over.

Also please note, this service is intended for our patients who are in the UK at the time of using e-Consult – and not those on who are overseas for any reason.

The practice regrets that it cannot call back any patients who are outside of the UK, and for legal reasons we are not in a position to deal with any clinical issues involving patients who are abroad. If you are on holiday, and require medical advice, you need to see a local doctor and use your holiday insurance appropriately.

If you’re going abroad on holiday or for a business trip, apply for a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which may give you access to reduced cost medical treatment in Europe.

For more general information about healthcare abroad, go to the NHS Choices website ( ) and search for ‘healthcare abroad’.