Vine Medical Group is a group of four sites working collectively as a GP partnership, caring for over 28,000 patients across the whole of the Waterlooville area and its surrounding villages.

The partnership currently has four locations; the Forest End, Health Centre, Westbrook and Stakes Lodge sites. While operating as a partnership, our Stakes Lodge site continues to operate autonomously with its own telephone number and appointment system. Please see our website or the separate ‘Stakes Lodge Site’ practice brochure for more information.

In order to service the increasing demand on primary care, Vine Medical Group now employ the use of GPs, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists and healthcare assistants, enabling us to bring you the highly skilled and appropriate care for all your health needs.

The partnership has also been approved for GP student training, and each year one or more fully qualified doctors with experience in hospital medicine may spend time with the partnership as part of their preparation to become GPs. They share all aspects of patient care, and the practice welcome their contribution to the team. Occasionally, medical students, practice nurses in training, student community nurses and paramedic students may also spend time with the practice.

You can download our practice brochure below:

Download Practice Brochure (Nov 2018)

Catchment Area

The Vine Medical Group catchment area covers most of the Waterlooville area as outlined on the following map.

The inner boundary denotes the extent of the boundary for new patient registrations.

The outer boundary denotes the extent of the boundary for existing patients moving property able to remain registered.

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