Reception Team

The reception team is led by Joanna Sheil (Health Centre Site Manager) and ably assisted by Cheryl Warwick (Reception Team Leader), whose team answer the telephone at our dedicated telephone hub located at our Health Centre site, assist with enquiries, arrange appointments, patient transport to hospital and process written prescription requests, and all work rotationally at all sites.

Vine Medical Group currently have around 35 receptionists working across all sites, on the front desk, telephones and behind-the-scenes on registrations, prescriptions, filing notes and much more.

Our reception team are on the front-line and do understand the importance with which you need assistance. They work their hardest to ensure you get what you need, and we kindly ask that you treat them with courtesy and respect. As with many aspects of the NHS, they are required to work to strict guidelines and while at times it may seem to you that they are asking unnecessary questions, it is so that they can direct your enquiry or problem to the correct clinician to ensure you get the service you need, as soon as possible.