Due to the changes in the way that the NHS is now run, the administration team at Vine Medical Group is divided into a number of different departments, all which play a crucial part in the successful running of the practice. These include…

  • The Secretarial Team
  • The Scanning & Document Processing Team
  • The Quality and Outcomes Framework Team (QOF Team)
  • The Enhanced Services Team
  • The IT & Systems Team

The teams are distributed at all Vine Medical Group sites and report in to senior management, GPs and nurses to ensure you receive the best possible services and care.

The Secretarial Team

The Secretarial team competently manage the production and distribution of all outward bound letters and referrals generated by the clinical team. They are the first port of call for patients who call the practice to chase the progress on their referrals and the team also look after private medical work, complaints and many other administration tasks that are vital for the smooth running of the practice.

The Scanning & Document Processing Team

At Vine Medical Group, our committed admin team, led by Lynne Gibbs, are dedicated to ensuring patient information is dealt with effectively and securely.

Our team perform skilled work which requires knowledge of medical terminology and procedures, including an awareness of safeguarding: thus, offering a quality service to patients as we deal with a variety of tasks both routine and unforeseen including; mail distribution; data input; updating of clinical records, administration of referrals and the processing of documents.

As a forward thinking friendly team we are always looking for ways to improve the administrative workflow of patient data and are embracing new technology to process information electronically and in a timely manner. Your health records are our priority.

The Quality and Outcomes Framework Team (QOF Team)

The Quality and Outcomes Framework Team (QOF Team) are a small dedicated team of patient administrators who ensure the quality and accuracy of patients’ medical records. Particular focus is on the management of the most common long term conditions ensuring that patients have access to regular reviews with the appropriate healthcare professional to optimise their care.

The team also manage public health concerns, for example smoking and obesity, and implement preventative measures such as regular blood pressure checks and annual health checks with our chronic disease healthcare team.

The Enhanced Services Team

The practice provides a range of Enhanced Services, which are defined as primary medical services other than essential services, additional services or out of hours services. NHS England commissions these services from practices across England, which are linked to national health priorities, for example the flu vaccination programme, and other public health initiatives. The local commissioning body, South East Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group also commissions enhanced services from practices, e.g. Minor Injuries. In either case, practices opt to provide enhanced services, which improve the quality of care provided to patients – practices who opt to provide them receive a payment per patient for doing so.

The IT & Systems Team

Modern times have required general practice to move forward with IT, and at Vine Medical Group we embrace modern technology and push the boundaries where we can. With a number of bespoke, in-house applications to ensure you get the best possible patient care, as well as the essential clinical systems, a dedicated IT team manage the day-to-day running of the IT and are the first port of call for any issues arising.